23 Students Gradate from Export Fellows at Texas State University at San Marcos

The Texas Camino Real DEC held a graduation for 23 students that participated in an Export Fellows Program at Texas State University at San Marcos.  The students attended three evenings classes for no credit and learned firsthand from DEC member Ed Jones about his career in international business.  The program is to excite students about taking international courses, learn from practitioners about exporting and learn the how to develop an international business plan for a company.    There were six teams that presented at the dinner and they highlighted products ranging from waste management , cosmetics, medical, baby food and more to specific countries.  Students were presented with a Certificate of Recognition by Ed Jones, DEC member and Export Fellows teacher, Jack Mogab, Texas State University of San Marcos, Institute for Global Business Professor and DEC member and Karen Parker, Director of the Austin USEAC, U.S. Dept. of Commerce and Executive Secretary of the DEC.  Also in the audience were four additional  DEC members/associates, Brenda Hall, Bridge 360, Terry Ludzenski, HOLT Caterpillar, Betsy and Stu Cameron, retired international experts.

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