Cybersecurity and Economic Espionage in the Global Marketplace

The North Texas District Export Council co-hosted the “Cybersecurity and Economic Espionage in the Global Marketplace” seminar at Park Central Westin hotel On May 11th.  This full day event attracted more than 50 attendees across industries.

Present were the FBI, Secret Service, Erase Enterprises, Real News PR, British Telecom Americas, Fujitsu Network Communications, as well as the Commercial Service and North Texas District Export Council. These specialists from the government and private sector discussed methods, best practices and warning signs of penetration as well as what to do afterwards, both in the public domain and internally. Aside from a wealth of advice and resources presented, there was also a focus on best practices and actions to avoid when travelling outside the USA as communications can be intercepted since the seminar was attended by exporters and employees of multi-nationals with valuable intellectual property. Additionally, there were discussions on the “insider betrayal/disgruntled employee” aspect of loss of intellectual property, as this remains a key component of theft of company proprietary info. Lastly attendees took a binder with supplemental information and even a movie produced by the FBI with them to help their learning process.

The North Texas District Council calls the event successful, and would like to offer continued assistance and guidance to the industry and service providers in North Texas in the future. The year of 2015 was the worst year for loss of intellectual property in the United States, with estimated loss of  $400 BILLION. This is a tremendous drain on our economy and we must work together to reduce and eliminate this threat to our national security.

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