DC Legislative Outreach Update

During the National District Export Council (DEC) Conference in Washington, D.C., November 3-5, Texas Camino Real (TCR)DEC members called on five members of the U.S. House of Representatives Texas delegation. These members serve on key committees involving appropriations, trade, budget, and commerce. TCR DEC members met with Congressman John Carter, R out of Round Rock and Congressman Lloyd Doggett, D out of Austin. They also met with the staff of Chet Edwards, D out of Waco, Charles Gonzalez, D out of San Antonio and Joe Barton, R out of Houston.

In all meetings DEC members, utilizing key talking points, informed the staff and Congressmen about the work of the DEC, the importance of free trade agreements, the need to resolve the U.S. Mexico trucking issue, and the dire need for an increase in USFCS budget resources.

All the members are strong supporters of trade and recognize the value of the three pending free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea. They noted the political difficulties involved in resolving the U.S. Mexico trucking issue. Lastly, the two Congressmen and their Legislative Directors offered to help with the USFCS budget situation. The TCR DEC will provide specifics to those offices directly.

As always, meeting with our legislative representatives and their staffs provided DEC members an opportunity to spread the word about the work of the DECs and the need for action on issues of key interest to Texas exporters.

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