Fall 2013 Three Texas Camino Real DEC Export Fellows Programs

University of Texas at Austin:  In October 2013, Ed Jones held an Export Fellows Program at University of Texas at Austin.  Nineteen students broke out into six teams and made their final export plan presentations Nov. 2nd at a dinner event where several DEC members participated, Arcie Jordan, Mark MacBeath, Margie Moore and Karen Parker.   The participating student were presented with DEC and partners Certificates of Recognition.    The program was supported by Dr. Deirdre Mendez, the Center for International Education and Research of the McCombs School of Business.  They targeted non-international major students to allow them the opportunity to learn the ramifications and real life experiences of international business for companies.   

Texas A&M in San Antonio:  In November 2013, Betsy Cameron and Stuart Cameron held an Export Fellows Program at Texas A&M University-San Antonio with 11 students, 6 undergraduates and 5 graduates.  The final presentations were made by four teams on Nov. 22nd at a dinner event.  The participating student were presented with DEC and partners Certificates of Completion.   Mr. Daniel Rodriguez of the San Antonio USEAC and Rick Rayne were also presenters at the program.   Student enjoyed the real life stories shared by all the presenters.   The program was supported by the university administration and faculty.  The university expressed a real desire to continue and expand the program; as they understand the value of having the students hear from professionals who share real life experiences in international business. 

Austin Community College:  During Austin Community College's (ACC) fall course on Principles of Exports, Jerry Mitchell, Professor and Texas Camino Real DEC member, and his students worked with five small companies in the Austin area to produce detailed export plans for each company.  Students and the companies worked closely together, throughout the semester, to ensure that the export plans contained essential company information and met the companies' exporting goals.  Texas Camino Real DEC participants in various aspects of the course included Bill Louden (ACC, Texas Camino Real DEC Associate), Shawn Levsen (UPS and Texas Camino Real DEC Chair)  Ben Ramirez (City of Austin, Texas Camino Real DEC Associate), Natalie Betts (City of Austin), Mark McBeath (Bioo Scientific and Texas Camino Real DEC Member) , Larry Tabash (Austin USEAC) and Karen Parker (Austin USEAC Director and Executive Secretary for Texas Camino Real DEC.)  The class culminated with summary PPT presentations of the export plans, accompanied by the detailed written export plans.  The presentations were made to the companies and invited guests at City Hall, followed by a reception in early December.


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