International Executive Forum - Trans Pacific Partnership: Obstacles & Opportunities

On Friday, August 21, the North Texas DEC, in partnership with the North Texas USEAC, hosted an International Executive Forum at Richland College in Dallas, TX. It was attended by 30 companies.

The topics of discussion were the potential benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the lapse of EXIM Bank’s authorization. These are both important issues which affect the competitiveness of America’s exporters.

The presenters included: Darcie Durham, Senior Regional Director, with Boeing; Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi, associate professor at SMU; and David Ickert, Vice President of Finance at Air Tractor Inc. Darcie Durham and David Ikert brought private sector experience and offered many insights into how TPP could affect their businesses. Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi presented many of the strategic and long-term benefits of TPP.

Many projections indicate that the Asia-Pacific region is one the fastest growing regions in the world and TPP can unlock many of these opportunities. SMEs in particular will be able to take advantage of reduced barriers in member countries, which could lead to more exports and job creation.

Overall, the forum was positively received and there were many questions asked as business owners try to figure out what TPP means to them.”



From left to right (photo): Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi (SMU), Nate Muncaster (Polyguard Products) , Darcie Durham (Boeing Co.), David Ikert (Air Tractor Inc.), and Javier Mazón (Group Lamerica, L.L.C.)



·       Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi (SMU)

·       Darcie Durham (Boeing Co.)

·       David Ikert (Air Tractor Inc.)


DEC members:

·       Nate Muncaster (Polyguard Products)

·       Javier Mazón (Group Lamerica, L.L.C.)

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