Lawrence P Howorth 1st Vice Chair of North Texas DEC Visits India

Lawrence along with his client Srini Vasan, CEO of eShipGlobal, an Associate Member of the NTXDEC visited with the US Commercial Service in Bengaluru and Mumbai.  

In Mumbai (Left Picture):  l-r:  Srini Vasan, CEO eShipGlobal, Navin Vazirani, Manager - Information and Communication, US Commercial Service, Mumbai and Jigna Mehta, Commercial Specialist, US Commercial Service, Mumbai, and Lawrence P Howorth, 1st Vice Chair NT DEC and President, Howorth International, LLC.

In Bengaluru (Right Picture: l-r: Lawrence P. Howorth, 1st Vice Chair NT DEC and Manjushree Phookan, Sr. Commercial Specialist and Director, US Commercial Service, Bengaluru.


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